Various Artists – The Smoke Sessions: 10th Anniversary Limited Edition (4CD Box Set)


Disc 1
1. Bobby, Benny, Jymie, Lee, Bu (Mabern) 8:36
Harold Mabern Trio
2. Rakin’ and Scrapin’ (Mabern) 10:02
Harold Mabern Sextet
3. Cedar’s Blues (Walton) 16:00
Cedar Walton Trio
4. Iron Clad (Walton) 10:35
Cedar Walton Trio
5. Sunday (Ellington) (8:24)
Bruce Barth Trio
6. Something About Believing (Ellington) 6:45
Bruce Barth Trio
7. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler) 4:58
Lea DeLaria feat. Seamus Blake
8. Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis/Earl Brent) 9:45
One for All


Disc 2
1. Sweet Love of Mine (Woody Shaw) 10:42
Steve Turre Sextet
2. Contrapunto (Juan Pablo Torres) 14:27
Steve Turre Sextet
3. The End of a Love Affair (Edward Redding) 9:05
Jerry Weldon Quartet
4. Do You Know a Good Thing When You See One? (Shirley Scott) 7:27
Jerry Weldon Trio
5. Blue Train (Coltrane) 6:08
George Coleman Quartet
6. Peace (Horace Silver) 9:07
George Coleman Quartet
7. Django (John Lewis)
Peter Bernstein Trio
8. Dragonfly (Peter Bernstein)
Peter Bernstein Trio


Disc 3
From the CD,: One For All “Smokin’ & Swingin'”
Jim Rotondi (tp) Eric Alexander (ts) Steve Davis (tb) David Hazeltine (p) John Webber (b) Joe Farnsworth (d)

1. Pooh (David Hazeltine) 8:46
2. I Found You (Steve Davis) 5:36
3. Moon Blue (Stevie Wonder; arr. Rotondi) (7:57)
4. I See You, Brother (Joe Farnsworth) 9:04
5. Primetime (Joe Farnsworth) 7:23
6. Blueslike (David Hazeltine) (8:48)
7. The Road to Marostica (Eric Alexander) (8:57)
8. Evidence (Thelonious Monk) (8:26)


Disc 4
From the CD, John Farnsworth Sextet “The Good Life”
John Farnsworth (ts) Eddie Henderson (tp) Steve Turre (tb) Mike LeDonne (p) John Webber (b) Joe Farnsworth (d)

1. A Cry for Understanding 7:15
2. Street Beat 4:51
3. Mozzin’ 9:10
4. The Good Life 7:15
5. Junior 8:41
6. S’ Go! 6:20
7. Shorter Moments 7:46
8. Humpin’ 6:35
9. Ferris Wheel 7:31

All songs by John Farnsworth, except “Shorter Moments” by Joe Farnsworth & John Farnsworth and “The Good Life” by Jack Reardon & Sascha Distel

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Rare Collector’s Item. A recently discovered box of hard-to-find, out-of-print 4CD box sets is now available. This is it! 44 copies remain featuring performances from the first ten years at Smoke Jazz Club, including Harold Mabern Trio and Sextet, Cedar Walton Trio, Bruce Barth Trio, Lea DeLaria w/Seamus Blake, Steve Turre Sextet, Jerry Weldon Trio, George Coleman Quartet, Peter Bernstein Organ Trio, One for All and John Farnsworth Sextet. Performers include Jimmy Cobb, Eddie Henderson, Arturo O’Farrill, Mike LeDonne, Ray Vega, Larry Goldings, David “Happy” Williams” Junior Terry, Bill Stewart, Montez Coleman, and Pedro Martinez.

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