Steve Turre – Sanyas CD


1. Sanyas (Steve Turre) 13:18
2. All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern / Oscar Hammerstein II) 10:21
3. Wishful Thinking (Steve Turre) 9:15
4. Mr. Kenyatta (Lee Morgan) 9:52
5. These Foolish Things (Bonus Track*) (Jack Strachey & Harry Link / Eric Maschwitz) 6:24

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SANYAS marks the first live album as a leader from legendary trombonist and shell master Steve Turre, a landmark in a career spanning more than 50 years. Recorded over an electrifying weekend at Smoke Jazz Club, it boasts a dream all-star band. Turre is joined by elders in the form of the iconic rhythm section of bassist Buster Williams and drummer Lenny White; modern masters trumpeter Nicholas Payton and tenor saxophonist Ron Blake; and the rapidly rising star Isaiah J. Thompson on piano.

The title track is also significant for harkening back nearly to the dawn of Turre’s career. “Sanyas” was originally recorded by Woody Shaw on the trumpeter’s 1975 album The Moontrane, becoming the trombonist’s first composition and first solo on record. The name comes from Hindu spiritual practice, though Turre’s composition was inspired by the bright orange robes worn by the Sanyasi, monks who have renounced worldly goods and pursuits.

Live albums, at their best, capture lightning in a bottle. Sanyas is rich with that feeling of electricity and spontaneity, a first-time meeting edged with risk-taking but stunning in the conversation between six masters. Turre praised the setting, Smoke Jazz Club, for its adherence to and celebration of the jazz tradition, but it’s clear from the excitement shared by band and audience alike that in his view, “tradition” doesn’t equate to a lack of adventure or challenge.

“There’s a difference between extending tradition and feeling the need to break with tradition,” he concludes. “I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to try to be different. You just have to be yourself, which is hard to do. That’s where the magic comes in.”

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