Charles McPherson – Reverence LP

1. Surge (Charles McPherson) 6:24
2. Blues for Lonnie in Three (Charles McPherson) 9:10
3. Come Rain or Come Shine (Charles McPherson) 7:03

1. Dynamic Duo (Charles McPherson) 7:28
2. Old Folks (Eddie Harris) 7:30
3. Ode to Barry (Charles McPherson) 7:00

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Legendary alto saxophonist Charles McPherson makes his Smoke Sessions debut with an inspired new album, REVERENCE, dedicated to Barry Harris, captured in front of a live audience at Smoke Jazz Club and featuring his quintet of Terell Stafford, Jeb Patton, David Wong, and Billy Drummond

Never mind Webster’s – how does Charles McPherson define reverence? “To me, it means deep respect and admiration,” explains the legendary saxophonist, who chose the word as the title for his breathtaking new album, REVERENCE.

“There’s a nostalgic element to it, but you can certainly revere somebody that’s here right now as much as you can have reverence for the past. It definitely describes everything that I feel about the musicians I’ve worked closely with throughout my life, all of whom I respect musically and artistically.”

“I really like the language of bebop, which allows for a broad range of expression,” he explains. “But I’m not a civilized bebopper – I’m a wild bebopper, and I might go anywhere from that jumping-off spot. I’m 84 years old now, so the core remains the language of bebop, but I do it in today’s world with today’s players.”

McPherson didn’t set out to undertake an explicit tribute project – there are no Barry Harris compositions in the repertoire, and only the final track, “Ode to Barry,” was penned in homage to the great pianist and educator. But McPherson did set out with the high regard in which he holds Harris in mind and entered into the recording with a sense of reverence both for his longtime mentor and collaborator, as well as for the younger musicians whom he enlisted for the session.

The title of REVERENCE may be intended to reflect the way that McPherson feels towards his late bandmates; it also vividly captures the deep respect felt towards the master saxophonist by his current bandmates – not to mention generations of jazz fans. More than six decades into a remarkable career, few command and deserve our reverence quite like Charles McPherson.


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